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Welcome to the B9lab Discovery Courses!

In each of these free introduction courses you will get a sneak preview of the related in-depth courses. You will find parts of the full courses in each module which should give you some glimpses to the fully mentored and certified B9lab Courses.

How to start?

You can start and work on this free course whenever you wish! Unlike our full courses, the Discovery Courses do not have mentors to help you. However, if you have any questions, ping us at and we will try to respond.

Have fun with our free introduction Courses!

Blockchain Essentials is a free introductory course that offers a high-level overview of blockchain technology for a non-technical audience. You will get a basic understanding of technical fundamentals, discover how smart contracts work, and explore real life blockchain use cases. If you are not a developer but would still like to get a comprehensive introduction to blockchain technology, this free course is for you!
This free Ethereum course gives you an overview of blockchain technology and covers the very basics of Ethereum. The course covers the very basics of blockchain technology, from data structures to live projects using it. You want to brush up or get an introduction to cryptography and how it relates to Blockchain, we have got you covered!
This free Ethereum QA Engineer course gives you an overview of the growing requirement for blockchain-focused QA Engineers, and the new role and approaches of a modern test specialist. From manual testing and debugging to other different testing methods you will get some insights of this complex topic focused on ethereum.
Corda is a blockchain and smart contract platform designed for business and enterprise. This introduction course gives you an overview and basic understanding of the blockchain technology and managed networks in general. You will get connected with the basics of Corda and learn the most important terms and concepts of this private blockchain.
This free introduction to the B9lab Hyperledger Fabric Developer Course gives you an overview on what Hyperledger Fabric is, what we can do with it, how does it compare to alternatives and how we can use it. Developer but new to blockchain? The course provides the basics of blockchain technology and differences between private and public blockchains.
Hyperledger Sawtooth is a modular platform for building, deploying, and running distributed ledgers which makes it especially interesting for developers and enterprises. This free course will give you an overview of blockchain in general and the most important aspects of Hyperledger Sawtooth. You will learn about the architecture, tools and transaction families of the Hyperledger Sawtooth Platform.